Three-Wick Candle


Hey, y'all I'm Ebb! The owner and creator of Sev3ns Candles. I wanted to provide a clean candle company as naturally as possible. I also wanted to add a twist by mixing fragrances that you will not smell anywhere else.  It’s no secret that, as humans, our senses are indistinguishably linked to the depth of emotions, recollections, and wellness. Therefore, every scent designed at Sev3ns Candles is inspired by love, wellness, all-natural as much as possible. 

Our diverse sources of inspiration allow us to cater to your needs. While providing you the best home, body, and mindful peace of aromatherapy. We are grateful to have you ride this journey with us. As we grow so will new products that will bring you more joy to purchase. Feel free to check us out on all Social Media Platforms. Leave us a review, like our pages.